Winchester Revival is a band from Oakland, CA with a timeless alternative rock sound that takes their influence from a number of indie sources from the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Initially a drum/bass/guitar outfit, the addition of vocalist David Rosenheim to Andrew Lund’s guitar, Ron Cruz’s bass, Kirk Snedeker’s drums and Matt Glick’s electronic production created the final lineup of this passionate group.

Winchester Revival released their first EP, Eyes in the Canopy in mid 2014, teaming up with King of Sticks Recording Cooperative for a global digital release. This first EP introduced the world to the band’s modern take on classic alternative rock with their distinctive post-punk/shoegazer mash-up and also revealed an experimental side with tracks like “Matterhorn,” where Andrew Lund warped and weaved his guitar sound to create a discordant quality not often heard in alt rock.

Burden’s Landing, again on King of Sticks, is Winchester Revival’s latest EP. Opening track and first single “Last Night In Tokyo” set the stage for this surprising and inspiring EP. This six-song collection finds electronic artist Matt Glick providing even more of his distinctive synthesizers on tracks like “Ides of January” and “Diligence”. The two-song epic “Keep It Together” and “Salamander” segue into each other and showcase the talents of each member in a unique way.  For this reason “Salamander” is a favorite song of the band and a recommended track for any fan of dreamy, esoteric alt rock. Opening track and first single “Last Night In Tokyo” set the stage for this surprising and inspiring EP.

With a unique sound and a lineup of artists who write and work so well together, Winchester Revival hope to be around for a long time, creating more and more beautiful and passionate songs and taking their sound in new and exciting directions.

It is also our pleasure to have Amanda Guilbeaux as an honorary WinRev member. Amanda is the principle support singer for us live and on “Burden’s Landing”.

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