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Burden’s Landing

Our latest EP landed us a Top 10 Best Releases of 2015 and a lot of great reviews from critics across the globe. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

eyes in the canopy

Our first EP also received a number of great reviews and continues to be spun around the country.

Winchester Revival 2015 Gig #1, Sunday May 17!

Our first of the year! Sunday, May 17,  Winchester Revival is playing at “Art on Main” in Walnut Creek. It’s free and we start at the cracking hour of  11 AM. We are looking forward to completely rocking the early brunch set. While it’s hard to applaud with the vanilla soy half-caf latte in your hand (or whisky), we will feel the love just the same. Implore your Northern CA friends and fam to venture out into the wilds of Walnut Creek on the 17th, enjoy some art, music, food and say hello!

Download “Burden’s Landing” and “eyes in the canopy” for free now.

Available now – “Burden’s Landing”

Our second EP “Burden’s Landing” is now available for downloading and streaming.We’ve gotten some great reviews in anticipation of this release, and we’ll post them here and on social media in the coming weeks. Please like us on FB, follow us on twitter (@theWinRev) and let us know what you think!

Read more about the EP here.

We hope you like it!

Download Now! “Last Night in Tokyo” from upcoming EP “Burden’s Landing”

Burden's Landing

We are thrilled to announce that “Burden’s Landing”, Winchester Revival’s second EP, will be released in early March, 2015. We are also making one of the tracks,”Last Night in Tokyo”,  available for streaming and downloading immediately. Please have a listen – we hope you like it!