Out of 36 reviews of “Burden’s Landing”, 23 are EXCELLENT!

So we’ve been crunching some numbers over here at Winchester Revival’s back office, and for those of you not keeping score at home, we’ve got some exciting news! Here’s the breakdown so far:

  • 23 EXCELLENT! (!!!)
  • 9 Good (yay!)
  • 3 So-So (meh)
  • 0 Bad (phew)

>>> 23! EXCELLENT! <<<

And by Excellent we mean 4 of 5 or 7 of 10 or greater! How awesome is that!?


And this doesn’t include the incredible feedback we’ve gotten from fans and friends. Thank you thank you for the love! We are truly happy to be making music together and this really inspires us to make more.

Download “Burden’s Landing” and “eyes in the canopy” for free now.

Blogcritics Great Review of Burden’s Landing

Winchester Revival delivers an EP that ebbs and flows, dynamically so, both because and as proof of the talented musicianship and vocals of its members. There are a lot of beats and melodies that come together, often within the same track, that make for an attention-grabbing EP.

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Popdose Hearts Burden’s Landing!

Their newest effort, Burden’s Landing, is a six-song EP showcasing that very versatility, contains not a bad track. (Find a handful of indie bands that can make that claim.)

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Great Review of Burden’s from Skope Mag!

The teasing headlines hint at strong public support for the music of Winchester Revival. Upon a first listen, I can certainly understand the growing hype surrounding this band and their amped-up melodies…there’s a lot here to like! They’re an impressive band with sharp skills and make music confidently; with their song-writing & delivery reaching the heights of their collective-creativity here on Burden’s Landing…if you were to ask me…they have every reason to sound confident – these are great songs.

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“Burden’s” gets 9 of 10 – Vents Magazine

Maybe because they offer a real alternative to rock music, putting an irresistibly buttery, melodic and organic spin on the genre, which takes a trip back to the seventies. This is most definitely reflected in their latest six-track EP, “Burden’s Landing”

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