Lyrics: Ice Water

Hotel room 9:04
Train from Washington
Across the tundra
You don’t know where I am
But your tendrils all around
I cocoon myself
In this padded lock-down
The night begins to thaw
Closer to twelve
Ask the barman for salvation
I’ve forgotten myself
Back in Washington the crystal night
Shattered by an ambulance cry

You’re so cold, how did you get this way?
Can’t relax ice water in your veins
You’re uncomfortable, getting nervous
Can’t help but take it out on the rest of us

Will you pace your breath?
Long enough to see
80 acres
On the shores of Tripoli

Top of the hill
Come down with the
Fever chill
Contortion from the
Burning veins
Morphine for the
Serial pain
Outside the branches wave
Light a candle a life to save
Touch you with the gold flower
Sing to you from the ancient spire

Top of the hill
Fever chill
Burning veins
Serial pain

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