Last show – APRIL 1, ACLU Benefit

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Our last show is approaching, and in the spirit of supporting things we believe in, we decided to make our last show a benefit for the ACLU. We all feel that we need them more than ever these dark days and after all the marching, we thought it would be nice to take a stand while listening to some great music :).

Joining us will be two great bay area bands: Mist and Mast, who are terrific and play out very rarely. And Royal Panics who will be fresh from SXSW when they come play with us. We are thrilled to have them!

We are also proud to be partnering with Art4Resistance – a coalition of artists who give original artwork to ACLU donors. It’s a cool concept and they’ll have a booth there to help encourage people to donate.

It’s going to be a great night and we are very grateful to have the support of the Ivy Room, where the benefit show will take place. Please get tickets now! Even if you can’t make it, every ticket sold will support the cause. We look forward to seeing you!

LAST SHOW 2017 – new EP finalized!

WinRev is announcing our last show of 2017! It’s a benefit show for the ACLU on Saturday, April 1 at the Ivy Room in Albany, CA. Joining us is Mist and Mast – a hugely respected band who we are really excited to play with. Dave is taking a sabbatical for the last half of the year and that just about gives us time to finish our latest EP which we believe to be the truly the best work we’ve done. Please come out and support us supporting our civil rights. The show is sponsored by – a cool local artist coalition that encourages donations to the ACLU.

Buy tix now please! We’d love to see you there.

First gig of 2017 in San Rafael – 1/27

Next time on a very special Winchester Revival show…
Just when we were busy and heads down in the studio with vocals for the upcoming LP, we were asked to play with our friends Swerve! It’s a rare show for us, so do please come down if you find yourselves in the north bay.
We’ll be playing George’s in San Rafael on Friday 1/27 at 9pm. There are a number of good restaurants in the area so make date night complete with dinner and some searing guitars.

WinRev LP in the works!

With basic tracks in the can, we are on our way to a debut LP! Andy, Ron, and Kirk recorded guitar, bass, and drums (respectively) for nine new songs over a three day weekend in Grass Valley, CA with Tim Green at the helm. All of us feel that this will be our strongest and most cohesive work to date. And in the age where albums carry little meaning, we respect those of you who will listen to an entire LP and immerse yourself in the music. We know you’re out there and we’ll do our best to make sure your ears are rewarded.

These things take time, so stick with us. Dave, Matt and Amanda’s parts are next, then mixing and mastering to follow…

Thank you Winters!

A big thanks to Winters in Pacifica for having us the other night! What a turnout! It was really packed! We were slightly cramped on stage but we had a great show. Not-so-humble brag: overheard… “I can’t believe I heard this music here tonight. You guys are f’ing awesome!” We blushed a bit and then bought a round for our new fan.

Big shout out to Royal Panics – a three piece rock outfit that sound like ten (eleven?). Such nice guys and wow. Pop/punk power that picks you up!

More shows and more songs in the works!

Music so far…

Burden’s Landing

Our latest EP landed us a Top 10 Best Releases of 2015 and a lot of great reviews from critics across the globe. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

eyes in the canopy

Our first EP also received a number of great reviews and continues to be spun around the country.

Show #1 of 2016

Winchester Revival has announced that they will be performing LIVE at Winters in Pacifica for the first time on January 29, 2016 at approximately 9pm. It was a surprise announcement given the band’s notorious paucity of performances.

“The timing felt right,” said the band’s lead singer and lyricist, David Rosenheim. “Our last show was in June of 2015 and we all felt the need to play live again. Plus, we were thrilled about the recent announcement,” Rosenheim beamed.

That recent announcement by noted music publication Brutal Resonance proclaimed Winchester Revival’s EP “Burden’s Landing” a Top 10 independent release of 2015. It was a perfect end to a very successful year for the Oakland based band in which “Burden’s Landing” garnered critical acclaim.

“It’s always nerve wracking to put your work out there. On the one hand, it’s exciting because we like the music we create and hope others feel the same. On the other hand, people could hate it. So far, we’ve been very lucky and we’re thrilled to have such positive feedback,” quipped Matt Glick, the band’s electronics manipulator.

In fact, “Burden’s Landing” received 23 excellent reviews out of 36 total. None of them bad.

For the January 29th show, the band will play songs from “Burden’s” including “Salamander” and “Last Night in Tokyo” and “Ice Water” in addition to favorites “Matterhorn” and “Submarine Bell” from their 2014 EP “eyes on the canopy”. But fans will have something else to look forward to:

“We’ve been working hard on new material for a full length follow up to Burden’s Landing. We will debut some of those songs on the 29th,” said a noticeably excited Rosenheim, noting it was too early to establish a release date for their first LP, but that recording would begin soon.

Winchester Revival plays Winters in Pacifica on Friday, January 29th.

“Burden’s Landing” gets a Top 10 of 2015

“They like us, they really really like us!”

“Burden’s Landing” makes top 10 best releases of 2015! Listen on spotify, itunes or download free from bandcamp. We are super happy about this!

2015 was a good year for us, but whoa, 2016 will be our best year yet. We have been working and working on new songs. Some of them have been around for a while already, while some just popped into existence. Dare we say they are “better” than “Burden’s”? Um… 2016 is going to our best year yet.

Oh the lazy days of summer…

Happy mid-August from WinRev!

We are doing well thank you! Summer is our typical dormant time so we’ve been quiet, but busy. Some of us go on lengthy vacations, or help their parents, or take off for work trips (rrr). It’s always been like that for us, summer is sorta slow. However, it hasn’t been unproductive. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Andy finally debugged his amp. The inconsistent mystery sound was solved by fixing a small short. He can tell you about the many many many frustrating steps it took to find it, but he did, as All was Right with the World.
  • Kirk bought a lot of vintage Simmons drum gear and is trying to figure out what to do with it.
  • Ron relocated a bit closer to the studio and was rumored to have played a crappy 5 string bass with four strings at rehearsal. Don’t do that again.
  • Matt also bought new gear which sounds awesome. Matt and Kirk are trying to figure out how to sync click tracks and backing track tempos…
  • Dave has been traveling and writing new lyrics for us.

Not a lot of full band rehearsals, but that’s okay – we get to recharge. And it’s not like we haven’t been thinking about you, we have! We are gearing up to release a full length album for your listening pleasure! We’re planning on recording some time this fall and releasing some teasers along the way.

Hoping your summer has been a good one! More soon…

Winchester Revival 2015 Gig #1, Sunday May 17!

Our first of the year! Sunday, May 17,  Winchester Revival is playing at “Art on Main” in Walnut Creek. It’s free and we start at the cracking hour of  11 AM. We are looking forward to completely rocking the early brunch set. While it’s hard to applaud with the vanilla soy half-caf latte in your hand (or whisky), we will feel the love just the same. Implore your Northern CA friends and fam to venture out into the wilds of Walnut Creek on the 17th, enjoy some art, music, food and say hello!

Download “Burden’s Landing” and “eyes in the canopy” for free now.