Ideas and In Progress

In this section we’ll post ideas and sketches for songs as well as those ideas that have developed into “in progress” – songs we’re actively working on.

We make it a habit to record almost every rehearsal with our basic recording set up, and while we used to do this just to preserve any ideas we liked so we wouldn’t forget, we thought it would be interesting to document the lifespan of songs from initial ideas to final recordings. I’m fascinated by the creative process, and we hope to offer some transparency and insight into what makes a band a band. Some ideas will make it into in progress (leave no good riff behind!) others may be repurposed into another song or some will just stay an idea of the moment.

Of course these are absolutely raw recordings, with no mixing/mastering, little if any editing, etc. You’ll hear mistakes (some bad!), maybe some meandering, and etc. but that’s part of the fun and what I think is interesting about hearing a song taking shape from a rough idea through to the final production.

We’ll try to track the changes along the way so you (and we) can listen for them. If you happen to like an idea please let us know!

Ideas are listed here, and eventually, songs In Progress get their own page.


In Progress:

Santa Ana rehearsal

Working through the song… Matt’s part isn’t written yet. Some ouchy mistakes…


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