Lyrics: Last Night in Tokyo

Last day in the gravel garden
Wet sky and an acid breeze
Water’s edge where this ice is forming
Dry swallow time to leave

Rain window streak mascara
Reserve seat on the bullet train
Yesterday in the temple garden
There was nothing to say, nothing to say

The city never ends
Millions burrow underground
Day and night the same
Everyone alone

Step outside now
It’s really not the end
The hours the hours you said
Glow like lanterns now

Last night in Tokyo
Gonna melt your mettle core
Palm Springs take you down easy
Sunrise on the desert floor

Lyrics: Salamander

Keep it together
It together
In the quiet corner
There’s always action
If you want in the
Sound of the surf

On the rocks
In the grass
And it’s getting closer
There’s always action
If you don’t mind
Making it hurt

We wipe the dew from our eyes
Only to blink at the sun
Hear a familiar voice
But it’s coded
Stretch the folded fingers
To the chosen one
Try to sing from the page
As you wrote it

Store the heat
In your skin
Baby salamander
Conserve yourself
With no motion
Rest for the flight

In the dust
On the pins
There is no water
The air is thin
The air is cold
In the livid night

If you’re born
As a fly
Would I recognize?
Winged beat
Against the air
As your lonely voice

If you’re born
As a child
To a stranger
Will our paths
Or have I lost my chance?

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“This surging West Coast band is somewhat of a musical force. As if releasing music and beating the pavement over the last year isn’t enough. Sometimes persistence pays off. Where am I going with this? Winchester Revival have managed to hit a home run with this, their latest 4 track EP.
They remind me of Keane, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, U2, The Fray, and Imagine Dragons.” –Beth Tindol

Thank you Beth!
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“eyes” gets 9.5 from Vents magazine

Lacking any odd time signatures, complex song forms and heady guitar solos, we’re not exactly sure about the comparison to Rush and King Crimson, but we really appreciate the company! Thank you Gary Hill!
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Lyrics: Wonderland

In this city of icicles
We grind our teeth to
Sharpen them
Sharpen them

Periscopic tentacles
Sneak a peek at you, cause
I don’t trust you, cause
You don’t trust me too

The population
Gives every indication
Of heating up
Can’t control the speed
I’m fucking hungry
So fucking hungry all the time

1 – 2
Sand wing sky
3 – 4
Fire salt eyes
5 – 6
Blood stone stream
7 – 8
Desert pyre, lucid dream

In this land of lunatic forms
We cut our feet on
The backs of them
The backs of them

Eye sockets in cactus holes
Drink the dew from
A fire bloom
After the fission doom

Lyrics: Matterhorn

Base camp
No man’s land
Pitch a tent
Ditch of a caravan

Boredom creeps
Filling sand bags
Watery skin
Holy dog tags

If a mistake
Brought us here
No communique
No helicopter
On your belay
Don’t drop the line

Lock step
Eyes narrow
The common purpose
Of shared fear

Fan out
The forest floor
Eyes in the canopy
A hush in the clear

Vancouver point
China left shoulder
Sense a shift
In air pressure

A bent twig
A held lung full
Forest ignites
Fire in the muzzle

Lyrics copyright 2013, David Rosenheim

Lyrics: Chemical Yellow

Leave it in its cage
It won’t find a way
To warm itself inside
Your cheekbones and your smile
Very civilized
Very civilized

It’s a beautiful glass cage
On the 51st floor
The furniture is white
The sky outside
The sky outside
Is chemical yellow

The more you look out, the less you can see
Deep lines are forming
The more you look out, the less you can see
Blue trees are flaming

If it starts to break
You can find another shell
In the rocks under the waves
When the tide begins to break
When the tide begins to break

Lyrics: Submarine Bell

‘Republic rammed by unknown vessel
200 miles Ambrose Light
Lever of key broken in darkness.
impossible to get our weak spark

Florida comes, her bow is smashed
Willing to help but no radio
Listen for our rockets, submarine bell
Very dark now, sinking slow

Goodbye, goodbye old man
Until we meet again
The hours of the night
Sinking far from sight

Owing to darkness, time is fixed
Splintered woodwork piling in
Fog is thick, can see no lightship
Can’t read our bad condition

Tell them to hurry jamming fierce
Mighty cold here, please make haste
Listen for our rockets, submarine bell
‘What depth water, what course to take?

‘Hurry, please, old man
Two bodies outside my room
Don’t know who they are
Killed in their staterooms

How deep is the water?
What course to take?
Lost our position
Give him our condition
Hard to navigate!

All alone here
Very dark now
Stern going down
Submarine bell

Come carefully
I’m only half dressed
Only half dressed
Quiet all stations
Submarine bell
No one wants me

Lyrics copyright 2013, David Rosenheim