Winchester Revival is a band from Oakland, CA. There are usually five of us, sometimes six.

We love the music of Foals, My Bloody Valentine, Interpol, Doves, Muse, Minus the Bear, Spoon.

We make our music is available at a very small cost in the form of a favor. We’ve found (unscientifically) that a majority of you will like our music, while some of you will love it, and some won’t like it at all. For those of you who like or love it – we have some special things planned. But even if you don’t like it – can you think of anyone you know who might? Can you right now send someone our link? Follow us? Friend us?

Our continued success depends on individuals and even other bands who pass it on.

Our goals as a band are modest. We simply seek to cover the cost of our recordings and studio time. Making music – or at least producing a great sounding track takes time and money.