Out of 36 reviews of “Burden’s Landing”, 23 are EXCELLENT!

So we’ve been crunching some numbers over here at Winchester Revival’s back office, and for those of you not keeping score at home, we’ve got some exciting news! Here’s the breakdown so far:

  • 23 EXCELLENT! (!!!)
  • 9 Good (yay!)
  • 3 So-So (meh)
  • 0 Bad (phew)

>>> 23! EXCELLENT! <<<

And by Excellent we mean 4 of 5 or 7 of 10 or greater! How awesome is that!?


And this doesn’t include the incredible feedback we’ve gotten from fans and friends. Thank you thank you for the love! We are truly happy to be making music together and this really inspires us to make more.

Download “Burden’s Landing” and “eyes in the canopy” for free now.

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