Show #1 of 2016

Winchester Revival has announced that they will be performing LIVE at Winters in Pacifica for the first time on January 29, 2016 at approximately 9pm. It was a surprise announcement given the band’s notorious paucity of performances.

“The timing felt right,” said the band’s lead singer and lyricist, David Rosenheim. “Our last show was in June of 2015 and we all felt the need to play live again. Plus, we were thrilled about the recent announcement,” Rosenheim beamed.

That recent announcement by noted music publication Brutal Resonance proclaimed Winchester Revival’s EP “Burden’s Landing” a Top 10 independent release of 2015. It was a perfect end to a very successful year for the Oakland based band in which “Burden’s Landing” garnered critical acclaim.

“It’s always nerve wracking to put your work out there. On the one hand, it’s exciting because we like the music we create and hope others feel the same. On the other hand, people could hate it. So far, we’ve been very lucky and we’re thrilled to have such positive feedback,” quipped Matt Glick, the band’s electronics manipulator.

In fact, “Burden’s Landing” received 23 excellent reviews out of 36 total. None of them bad.

For the January 29th show, the band will play songs from “Burden’s” including “Salamander” and “Last Night in Tokyo” and “Ice Water” in addition to favorites “Matterhorn” and “Submarine Bell” from their 2014 EP “eyes on the canopy”. But fans will have something else to look forward to:

“We’ve been working hard on new material for a full length follow up to Burden’s Landing. We will debut some of those songs on the 29th,” said a noticeably excited Rosenheim, noting it was too early to establish a release date for their first LP, but that recording would begin soon.

Winchester Revival plays Winters in Pacifica on Friday, January 29th.

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