Thank you, Dave Franklin, for the great review

Stellar review of Eyes In the Canopy EP from our new friend in the UK, Dave Franklin.

“A great record built from wonderful melodies and swathed in a lush sonic haze”.

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Eyes In the Canopy review from

“Eyes in the Canopy is a really good musical teaser and sets the standard for new age rock. It combines a masterful string of inspirational subjects, and well thought out lyrics for today’s thinking man/fan. Taking all of this into consideration you begin to understand why these 5 are making such a splash in Oakland. The lyrics are powerful and full of intrigue, passion, and wisdom. I can also hear a bit of Fuel, Default, Smile Empty Soul, Crossfade, Trapt and even Saliva. All of this and more make Winchester Revival an extremely hot commodity, to say the least.” — Cecil Mobley

Thank you Cecil! You will hear more from us!
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Thank you Indie Artists Alliance!

“This surging West Coast band is somewhat of a musical force. As if releasing music and beating the pavement over the last year isn’t enough. Sometimes persistence pays off. Where am I going with this? Winchester Revival have managed to hit a home run with this, their latest 4 track EP.
They remind me of Keane, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, U2, The Fray, and Imagine Dragons.” –Beth Tindol

Thank you Beth!
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“eyes” gets 9.5 from Vents magazine

Lacking any odd time signatures, complex song forms and heady guitar solos, we’re not exactly sure about the comparison to Rush and King Crimson, but we really appreciate the company! Thank you Gary Hill!
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