Download Now! “Last Night in Tokyo” from upcoming EP “Burden’s Landing”

Burden's Landing

We are thrilled to announce that “Burden’s Landing”, Winchester Revival’s second EP, will be released in early March, 2015. We are also making one of the tracks,”Last Night in Tokyo”, ¬†available for streaming and downloading immediately. Please have a listen – we hope you like it!

Lyrics: Last Night in Tokyo

Last day in the gravel garden
Wet sky and an acid breeze
Water’s edge where this ice is forming
Dry swallow time to leave

Rain window streak mascara
Reserve seat on the bullet train
Yesterday in the temple garden
There was nothing to say, nothing to say

The city never ends
Millions burrow underground
Day and night the same
Everyone alone

Step outside now
It’s really not the end
The hours the hours you said
Glow like lanterns now

Last night in Tokyo
Gonna melt your mettle core
Palm Springs take you down easy
Sunrise on the desert floor