Lyrics: Matterhorn

Base camp
No man’s land
Pitch a tent
Ditch of a caravan

Boredom creeps
Filling sand bags
Watery skin
Holy dog tags

If a mistake
Brought us here
No communique
No helicopter
On your belay
Don’t drop the line

Lock step
Eyes narrow
The common purpose
Of shared fear

Fan out
The forest floor
Eyes in the canopy
A hush in the clear

Vancouver point
China left shoulder
Sense a shift
In air pressure

A bent twig
A held lung full
Forest ignites
Fire in the muzzle

Lyrics copyright 2013, David Rosenheim

Lyrics: Submarine Bell

‘Republic rammed by unknown vessel
200 miles Ambrose Light
Lever of key broken in darkness.
impossible to get our weak spark

Florida comes, her bow is smashed
Willing to help but no radio
Listen for our rockets, submarine bell
Very dark now, sinking slow

Goodbye, goodbye old man
Until we meet again
The hours of the night
Sinking far from sight

Owing to darkness, time is fixed
Splintered woodwork piling in
Fog is thick, can see no lightship
Can’t read our bad condition

Tell them to hurry jamming fierce
Mighty cold here, please make haste
Listen for our rockets, submarine bell
‘What depth water, what course to take?

‘Hurry, please, old man
Two bodies outside my room
Don’t know who they are
Killed in their staterooms

How deep is the water?
What course to take?
Lost our position
Give him our condition
Hard to navigate!

All alone here
Very dark now
Stern going down
Submarine bell

Come carefully
I’m only half dressed
Only half dressed
Quiet all stations
Submarine bell
No one wants me

Lyrics copyright 2013, David Rosenheim