Lyrics: Salamander

Keep it together
It together
In the quiet corner
There’s always action
If you want in the
Sound of the surf

On the rocks
In the grass
And it’s getting closer
There’s always action
If you don’t mind
Making it hurt

We wipe the dew from our eyes
Only to blink at the sun
Hear a familiar voice
But it’s coded
Stretch the folded fingers
To the chosen one
Try to sing from the page
As you wrote it

Store the heat
In your skin
Baby salamander
Conserve yourself
With no motion
Rest for the flight

In the dust
On the pins
There is no water
The air is thin
The air is cold
In the livid night

If you’re born
As a fly
Would I recognize?
Winged beat
Against the air
As your lonely voice

If you’re born
As a child
To a stranger
Will our paths
Or have I lost my chance?